HotTug Iseltwald
© Switzerland Tourism / André Meier

HotTug Iseltwald, Lake Brienz

The HotTug is a unique hot tub boat filled with 38-degree water that floats on the waters of Lake Brienz. The HotTug’s electric motor allows you to steer it wherever your fancy takes you.

You’re the captain, navigating the unique HotTug and your bathing guests to your hearts content around Lake Brienz. The water in the boat is preheated to 38 degrees and can be maintained during the journey thanks to the onboard wood-fired heater – making it the perfect romantic adventure too!


The offer

  • Hire of the HotTug for 1.5 hours
  • Departure from Iseltwald
  • No driver’s license necessary (minimum age 18 years)
  • 6 people maximum per HotTug