Wildkräuter Kochkurs, Bern Region
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Nature-based social programs

With fiery zeal, achieve your company goals and be rewarded with invigorating natural supporting programmes in the air, on the water and on earth.

Experience the amazing effects as you weld your team together through shared adventures with the four elements becoming as one. There is no doubt that team events also have a lasting and profound effect on each individual participant. With these special group activities you will consciously experience the beauty of the Bernese countryside and become aware of other "natural treasures".


Up up and away

Take part in thrilling team-building activities at breathtaking heights and tailored to each group at the Stadion Wankdorf football stadium in Bern. Directed by licensed mountain guides, glide along a rope through the stadium or climb from the roof onto the green lawn. You can also enjoy a fascinating flying experience in Interlaken, Adelboden, Kandersteg and Gstaad: During a paragliding flight your team will experience brand new perspectives in an airy atmosphere. A flight in a hot-air balloon from Gstaad and high above the Saanenland also offers relaxation and fascination at the same time. The duration of the balloon flight can be tailored to suit your supporting programme. Rugged and majestically impressive is how the legendary Eiger North Face presents itself. Exclusively you can now travel through the tunnel hole by train. As safely as possible and accompanied by mountain guides your team will climb through a hole in the legendary wall – and enjoy an unforgettable view of the Grindelwald valley. Also down in Grindelwald itself you can experience a pure adrenaline rush: At Canyonswing you jump 90 metres into the abyss and then glide at 120 km/h through the narrow glacier gorge.


Fragrant nature-based experiences

Healthy nutrition and the conscious handling of our food is not just a fleeting modern trend. Rather, it is an expression of a whole new and sustainable societal attitude to life. So it’s time to lead your team "back to the roots" with some memorable experiences. At Skepping Cooking (German) in Bern, you collect all kinds of herbs and ingredients and use them to conjure up a delicious menu. The courses around the Tavolata di Berna prove that food hardly ever has to be thrown away – even old bread finds its way back to a surprisingly high class dinner! Under expert guidance on the wild herbs cooking course, edible plants are collected in the forest and meadow and then enjoyed in the cooking studio as a team-oriented Mother Nature menu. The Simmental and Lenk area is an Eldorado for mountain and medicinal herbs. You and your team will learn all about these all-rounders in an extremely interesting workshop. In addition to their special effects, medicinal plants and wild herbs also make you beautiful. During a natural cosmetics course, your team mixes the various herbs with ointments, deodorants and bath salts. Equipped only with a lantern and the ingredients for a raclette, your team climbs into the St. Beatus caves on Lake Thun. Once you arrive at the Raclette Grotto, a sea of candles and a highly moving culinary experience await you.


Adventure on the water

After a hard day's work it’s time to relax and drift along the Aare river: Enjoy the evening off with your team in a rubber dinghy on the Aareböötle as it flows around Bern before relaxing around a convivial barbecue. Surfing on the Aare is also great fun as you don't have to wait for the waves when bungee surfing. A team on site provides the "sea" for your team water experience. A raft trip on the Aare Loop around Bern also makes for an adventure-filled diversion. You build the raft yourself from barrels and beams as a team task with expert guidance. Huckleberry Finn sends his greetings! In the Haslital at the Stein Glacier Susten Pass there is a waterfall (German) waiting to be conquered with the aid of a well-secured rope. As a team event, all participants make a descent with professional help and then exchange their experiences later at the Steingletscher mountain restaurant. Stand Up Paddling – SUP for short – is particularly trendy on the lakes of Brienz, Thun and Biel (German). Standing and paddling on the boards while together in a group is even more fun and connects team members in a very special way. The Jetboat adventure on Lake Brienz starts with a shuttle service from Interlaken. This fast boat ride takes you to the famous Giessbach Falls and back again with fascinating information about the region, 360-degree turns and loads of fun.