Tropenhaus, Frutigen
© Tropenhaus Frutigen

Tropenhaus Frutigen

Large events for up to 250 people can be organised on request. It’s a place where cocoa and coffee flow and papayas, sugar cane and bananas grow. Here at the Tropenhaus Frutigen, creativity blossoms and ideas flourish in an exotic environment that turns meetings and seminars into special occasions.

Some of the rooms at the tropical house have names as exotic as the fruits that thrive there. From the meeting room to the coffee trail and the caviar lounge, the nine rooms are suitable for every need. During breaks from business, the palm trees and banana plants create a Caribbean atmosphere. Participants can try their hand at coffee roasting, tea blending or chilli oil making. At the end of the sunny day, the Tropengarten restaurant serves delicious meals made with the produce grown on site.

© Tropenhaus Frutigen
© Tropenhaus Frutigen
© Tropenhaus Frutigen
© Tropenhaus Frutigen


Name Area m² Concert Seminar Banquet (long tables)
Restaurant Tropengarten 198 150
Sitzungszimmer I + II 55 60 18
Sitzungszimmer I 32 36 18
Kaffeepfad 24
Sitzungszimmer II 23
Kaviarlounge 16 10
Shop 12
Bar/Lounge 60
Orchideengarten 14