First Glider Grindelwald

First Flyer and First Glider Grindelwald

The First Flyer and First Glider above Grindelwald guarantee boundless freedom and high speeds.

The golden eagle swoops down on its prey at over 300 kilometres per hour. In horizontal flight, the dove can reach up to 120 kilometres per hour. And humans? Thanks to the Tyrolean “First Flyer”, they can compete with the fastest birds. Perfectly secured in the stable harness, 4 people whiz along the 800-metre-long steel cable from First to Schreckfeld at up to 84 kilometres per hour. In some places, they hover approximately 50 metres above the snow. Even the golden eagle would be envious.


The offer

  • Flight with the First Flyer / First Glider from Schreckfeld to First and back (free of charge for holders of a valid sports pass Jungfrau or Grindelwald-Wengen)