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The Kambly Experience

The Kambly Experience at Trubschachen is an exciting venue for the senses, where visitors can discover the secrets behind the art of fine biscuit making, explore the origins of the Kambly company established in 1910 and savour moments of sweet delight.

The Kambly Experience

Immerse yourself in the world of Kambly in the idyllic Emmen Valley and discover the secrets of fine biscuit baking. Explore the origins of this traditional brand in the original Kambly bakery and learn more about Switzerland’s most popular biscuit brand in an interactive way at the experience stations. As you follow production through the factory, you will gain an insight into the individual production steps – from making the dough to dispatch around the world. A wide variety of Kambly specialties and gifts await in the factory shop.


Kambly Bergerlebnisse 2023 Mürren Wandern
With Kambly and Made in Bern in the mountains

Kambly – Mountain experiences

Shopping at Kambly and experiencing the Berne excursion mountains!


Show Confectionery

Each day, visitors can watch the Kambly master confectioners producing fresh and delightful confectionary and discover the secrets behind the art of fine biscuit making. In addition to macarons and pralines, the Maîtres Confiseurs produce fresh cakes, desserts and chocolates that make delicious accompaniments to coffee or tea.


Kambly Café

Enjoy a refreshing drink, a delicious cup of coffee or an exquisite tea in the Kambly Café, accompanied by a small treat from the Kambly confectioners of course. We will be happy to serve you a handmade dessert from our master confectioners too.


Factory shop

Around 100 different types of biscuit are available to buy in the factory shop. In addition to the popular 500g factory shop bags, you will find some great gifts and sweet souvenirs for friends and family.


Baking events

Bake your own biscuits under the expert guidance of the Kambly Maîtres Confiseurs and enjoy a creative workshop with your work colleagues or your family.


Kambly train

Daily hourly connections with BLS from Bern and Lucerne to Trubschachen. The Kambly train brings guests directly to the Kambly Experience from Tuesday to Sunday.


The Kambly Experience Tour

On the 30 km e-bike Kambly Experience Tour from Langnau, visitors will learn more about the origins of the raw materials for the fine Kambly specialties, as well as experiencing the diversity of Emmen Valley. The free Kambly Tour App in German, French and English has a host of exciting stories and information about the 14 points of interest with pictures and sound.

Duration: Riding time 2.5 hours


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Opening hours

Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sat, Sun 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Special opening hours on public holidays

The Kambly Experience is accessible for wheelchair users and admission is free.