E-Bike Tour, Emmental

Almost like in days gone by

Flour from the village mill, fresh butter from the cheese dairy, and a delicious biscuit that’s based on a recipe more than a century old: on the trail of the Kambly Bretzeli through Emmental on an e-bike, you’ll have the feeling of taking a trip back into the past.

The Haldemann family has been running a mill in the Emmental village of Trubschachen since 1860.


Mint green with plenty of wood, or do you prefer rust red? Each vintage milling machine is as lovely as the next, as they clatter softly in the three-storey mill. A range of grain types from the surrounding region is processed here. Beat Haldemann is the manager of the mill, already in the fifth generation. Since the company Kambly was founded in 1910, the family has also been supplying the flour for the renowned Kambly Bretzeli in Emmental.


A handshake seals the agreement

“As long as there’s a mill in the village and we’re happy with the quality, the Haldemanns can continue to supply our flour,” grandfather Kambly is reputed to have said back then. The agreement that was sealed with a handshake holds firm to this day. “We’ve still got no written contract with Kambly,” smiles miller Beat Haldemann.


Tracing the origins of a tradition

According to Grandmother’s recipe

The story of Kambly began more than 100 years ago, with the Emmental Bretzeli. Following the call of love, Oscar R. Kambly settled down in Trubschachen and began to bake this biscuit for the valley community according to his grandmother’s family recipe. Today, Kambly is the biggest-selling biscuit manufacturer and the leading exporter in Switzerland. One thing’s remained the same: local producers supply their raw materials for the legendary biscuits.

100 varieties of biscuit are available for sampling and purchase at the Kambly Experience in Trubschachen.


Visitors seeking not only to enjoy the Kambly Bretzeli, but experience the tradition behind it as well, are advised to take the Kambly Experience tour. Equip yourself with app and e-bike, and take the No. 777 signposted bike tour through the hills of the Emmental valley – following the trail of the biscuit’s millers, farmers, cheese-makers and bakers. The calories burnt off will be quickly ingested again with a biscuit break on the way.


Old cereal variety – new popularity

The experience takes you past Bäreggwinkel Farm, located slightly above Trubschachen. Here, the Stettler farming family plants the grain that will be subsequently processed in the Haldemann mill. This grain includes spelt, an old variety of cereal that is enjoying renewed popularity. As spelt is particularly robust, it thrives at elevated locations and is therefore ideal for the hilly Emmental.

Their milk also finds its way into the Kambly Bretzeli, having been churned into butter at the Götschi village dairy in Trubschachen. Loving attention to detail is paid along the way: cheese-maker Martin Götschi deftly pours the butter into little gentian-adorned wooden moulds. As he does so he says, with a wink: “By the way, you know, we go to all this trouble just for the butter we sell in the shops.”


As long as the biscuits taste the way they did in years gone by – no problem.


Kambly Experience Tour

Explore the origins of Kambly and find out where the raw materials for the popular biscuits come from. The tour leads from Langnau through Emmental’s characteristic hilly landscape, unveils breath-taking mountain and valley views, and concludes the visit at Kambly Experience.

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Munter grasen die Kühe vor dem Bauernhof Bäreggwinkel
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Whether on foot, by bicycle or by horse-drawn carriage, the Emmental Region offers perfect leisure activities for every age, taste and condition.

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