Eine Wanderfamilie zu Gast bei der Familie Mäder
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Family excursions

A race downhill, a refreshing swim or an interesting day out in the mountains – the whole family is sure to enjoy these activities.
Rinderberg - Horneggli

You might meet dwarves or the wicked "Pfefferhexe" witch, or learn interesting facts about apples or chocolate: on a walk for all the family, anything is possible! Whether you choose an easy route or a more challenging one, you're sure to have lots of fun together and enjoy being outdoors.

Family hikes
Seilpark Bern, Dählhölzli

Are you keen on Tarzan and Jane? Then the rope parks and climbing walls here are perfect for you and your family! Outdoors or indoors, there are some great routes of varying degrees of difficulty for you to climb, always safely secured, right up to the very top, or you can go swinging boldly through the air.

Rope parks
Trottiland, Adelboden

Surrounded by the wonders of nature, scooting past beautiful green meadows, you'll love this way of riding down into the valley. Rolling along on two wheels with the wind in your hair: enjoy speeding down one of the many routes for scooters and trottibikes with all your family!

Scooter routes
Mountain Cart, Grindelwald

Going into turns at speed and with verve, entering tunnels with butterflies in your tummy: a ride on a toboggan or mountain cart not only gets the adrenaline going but increases the fun factor dramatically with every change of direction. Outdoor thrills and excitement guaranteed.

Adrenaline and outdoor activities
First Cliff Walk, Grindelwald-First

Your destination – way up high and your reward – panoramic views! You can achieve this in numerous places in our region, as you can clearly see from all the suspension bridges, walkways and exciting adventure walks. Enjoy the fascinating combination of adventure and amazing views from stunning heights!

Adventure Walks
Aareschwimmen, Bern

Admittedly, it takes some courage to jump in! But when you've done it once, you'll want to keep on doing it. Amidst this beautiful scenery, whether it's in an idyllic river or an inviting pool by the shores of a lake, taking that leap will be wonderfully refreshing and great fun as well.

Bathing in lakes and rivers
Schwimmbad Lauterbrunnen

Not only is the Region of Bern home to Switzerland's biggest open-air pool, but the watery oases usually have incredibly beautiful mountain views in all directions. So, in addition to having lots of fun swimming, sliding and diving, you'll also find that they’re the perfect place to spend a day soaking up the sun and taking it easy.

Open-air swimming pools
Sherlock Holmes Museum, Meiringen

How exactly did Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson conduct their investigations? And what was life like in the past in a fairytale castle, or working as a craftsman? A quick visit to one of the museums in the Region of Bern will provide the answers to these and many other questions.

Museum tips
Fondue-Rucksack, Sigriswil

From fishing to spending time in good company: culinary outings are great fun and highly enjoyable! You and your loved ones can land a trout, enjoy a portable fondue or taste the cheese of your choice. With adventure and the wow factor all included.

Gourmet adventures
Camping Aaregg, Brienz

The views are amazing! Surrounded by green meadows and beautiful mountains, sometimes overlooking a lake or river, the campsites in the Region of Bern are attractive at any time of day. And because they also offer variety and every convenience for all the family, they are real “c(h)ampions”!

Delightful campsites