Grand Tour of Switzerland, Emmental

Grand Tour of Switzerland

An abundance of sights to see: explore Switzerland from the convenience of your car or motorbike on the Grand Tour of Switzerland.

1,643 kilometres, 22 lakes, 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 5 mountain passes: the Grand Tour of Switzerland puts Switzerland’s diversity on display. The tour’s route, which goes around Switzerland once and passes through its centre, offers a relaxing way to explore the different sights. The Grand Tour is also the world’s first road trip route which is in its entire length geared for electric vehicles. Along the way, there are 300 charging stations for electric vehicles.

Snack-Box with local delicacies is sold at 52 official points of sale and is ideal for gourmets. The many photo spots accentuate the different sights even more and invite visitors to capture the moment with a photograph.


A road trip across the Region of Bern