Bachalpsee, Grindelwald

Lake Bachalpsee

The idyllic lake Bachalpsee covers an area of eight hectares. Here at 2,265 metres above sea level, visitors enjoy fresh air, relaxation on the shore and the magnificent mountain scenery.

The mountain lake is less than an hour away from the First, even on foot. It may be a popular motif on picture postcards but, as connoisseurs know, photos are no match for reality. With the Wetterhorn in the background, it’s a perfect place for bathing, fishing or relaxing. The view of the lake is particularly beautiful on a calm day, when the Schreckhorn is reflected on the surface of the crystal-clear water. Since lake Bachalpsee is easy to reach even with a pushchair, it’s ideal for family outings.


Up with the lark

Visitors are particularly fond of the hiking route from the First to lake Bachalpsee. Along the way, the First mountain restaurant caters for its guests’ culinary needs. Hikers who choose the mountain lake as their starting point can begin their adventure on the First Cliff Walk or Flyer. Alternatively, visitors can hike from the First via lake Bachalpsee and Waldspitz to Bort and ride downhill on a scooter-bike.


The diversity of nature