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Sustainability in the Region of Bern

Travelling sustainably is all about environmental awareness, but there’s a lot more to it than you might think. There are many ways in which you can make your journey across the Region of Bern more sustainable. From staying a bit longer and using public transport to consuming local produce, there’s no shortage of options. And many Bernese companies are participating in the ecological tourism programme Swisstainable.

Time to linger – Travelling sustainably in the Region of Bern

Allowing enough time is an important requisite for travelling in a resource-saving and climate-friendly manner. This benefits both you and the environment. The Region of Bern offers numerous opportunities for relaxed exploration by train, boat, on foot and by e-bike. Thanks to well-coordinated time tables, onward connections are always available, enabling quick and enjoyable travel – from A for Adelboden to Z for Zweisimmen. With a few exceptions, all transport is also fully accessible. By enjoying local produce, staying a little longer, immersing yourself in local culture and taking delight in the region’s unspoiled nature, you can discover first-hand what lies behind the laid-back disposition the Bernese people are known for. Let us introduce you to six aspects of sustainable travelling in the Bern Region.

Regional products

By buying locally made products and Bernese specialities, you are directly supporting the local population. Our “Adelbodner” natural mineral water, for instance, is bottled at source in the Adelboden-Lenk-Kandersteg region and is wonderfully refreshing.
Public transport

Almost all of Switzerland is accessible by public transport. In the Region of Bern, this sustainable mode of transport is made even simpler through travel passes and visitor cards. The Destination Gstaad visitor card, for example, comes with huge benefits. From your first overnight stay, your visitor card provides you with free access to public transport, plus special concessions for many other amenities. And don’t forget – sustainable transport doesn’t just happen on the rails and roads. The BLS shipping company offers a wide range of options for travelling by boat.
Renewable energy

Switzerland holds around 6% of the continent’s freshwater and is considered Europe’s water tower. Renewable and natural energy sources power the Bernese tourism sector. Take the Jungfrau Region, for instance. Hydro power is sourced by means of thirteen hydroelectric facilities and eight reservoirs, while regionally grown wood is used for heating.
Unadulterated pleasure

Many of the experiences offered in the Region of Bern are both indulgent and kind to the environment. Prime examples are the Nourritour in Biel’s three-lakes region, the culinary trail through Biel’s charming historic centre. New discoveries, unspoilt nature and tasty bites are guaranteed!
Local creation

By supporting local crafts, visitors provide an income for the many Bernese people who have turned their inspiring ideas into reality. From handmade artefacts offered for sale in the small workshops and boutiques of Bern’s Old Town, though to the smooth creations of one the 200 Bernese breweries – experience the Bernese spirit of invention!
Longer stays

The longer your visit, the more sustainable it is. Which is just as well, as theres much to discover in the Bern Region. Take the Interlaken holiday region, for instance: With the mountains of the Bernese Oberland on your doorstep, spending time between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz offers enduring pleasure at any time of the year.

Swisstainable – The programme for sustainable, eco-conscious travel

As one of Switzerland’s largest and most multifaceted tourist regions, we share the  aims of Swisstainable’s national sustainability strategy. In all things relating to exploring and travel, we strive to involve the local population and economy as well as environmental considerations. Promoting regional culture, including local partners and products and taking a sensitive approach to natural habitats and resources are our key concerns.


Accommodation, adventures and restaurant visits can be sustainable. The Swisstainable sustainability programme provides businesses with the opportunity to document and emphasise their efforts in operating sustainably. Several thousand Swiss tourism businesses (hotels, restaurants, etc.) are already participating in the Swisstainable programme, of which over 10% are based in the Bern Region. And we, Made in Bern AG, have also signed up to the sustainability scheme.

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Public transport offers and travel passes

Thanks to Switzerland’s dense public transport network you can travel in comfort virtually anywhere in an environmentally friendly way by train, bus and ship. With these special offers and travel passes, travelling to and within the Region of Bern has never been easier.


Eco-friendly fun – Explore the Region of Bern sustainably

Taking pleasure in unspoilt nature and safeguarding it for future generations, supporting the local population, using regional products and tapping into renewable energy sources – these are the core aims of sustainable tourism. Read on for recommendations on fun days out that provide pleasure without costing the earth and allow you to immerse yourself in the local customs and culture.

Paragliding, Ferienregion Interlaken
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Experiences of Swisstainable partner companies

These Bernese providers are taking part in the Swisstainable sustainability programme.

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A good night’s sleep – Sustainable accommodation in the Region of Bern

Staying for more than a day reduces stress levels and travel costs and is kinder to the climate. It also frees up valuable time to explore local attractions and enjoy nearby surroundings. Find out below about some of our recommended accommodation providers who have been awarded the Swisstainable label for sustainable hospitality.

Grimsel Hospiz, Haslital

Swisstainable classified hotels and camping

These Bernese providers have signed up to the Swisstainable programme.