Naturpark Blausee, Kandertal

Lake Blausee

Many visitors fall in love with Lake Blausee at first sight. True to its name, it boasts a vibrant blue colour thanks to its water clarity.

A rock slide 15,000 years ago led to the creation of one of the most popular lakes in Switzerland today. The Hotel Blausee is the ideal retreat for visitors. Rooms with views onto the lake or the mountain, yoga, massages, spa, a bathtub garden and a steam grotto promise tranquillity at its finest. There is a variety of culinary choices, from GaultMillau restaurant to to the barbecue area. Every summer, llamas and alpacas move to the unique Sommerau forest clearing at Blausee, where they enjoy their time in the beautiful nature park. The spacious nature playground ensures that children’s eyes light up.


The ideal balance between adventure and relaxation

The nature park surrounding the lake is as beautiful as the lake itself. On 20 ha (49 acres), visitors can stroll through the peaceful forests, children can play on the playground, and the many picnic areas with BBQ pits invite you to linger for alfresco dining. A break is definitely worthwhile, as the region around Lake Blausee is also known as a source of energy and power.


Discover the treasures of the lake

Lake Blausee’s mountain spring water is ideally suited for the farming of rainbow and salmon trout. Swimming is therefore strictly forbidden, but visitors can savour these delicacies at the lake’s shore. Those who want to explore the water can do so by glass-bottom boat. Between November and March, certified divers get to discover the mystical lake in its whole splendour – surrounded by hundreds of organic trout, they float past trees and rocks down to a depth of 12 m. The highlight of the dive is the stone sculpture of the famed Blausee legend.