Naturpark Gantrisch

Gantrisch Nature Park

The Gantrisch Nature Park is located between Bern, Thun and Fribourg. Visitors can observe rare animals, test their endurance on a bike or simply unwind and relax.

The Gantrisch Nature Park offers a scenic backdrop: idyllic villages, green forest areas and canyons are nestled in the valley which is surrounded by the Gantrisch Range. The Nature Park is a true paradise for nature and sports enthusiasts and all those who simply want to enjoy their days off.


Excursion No. 1 for hikers and mountain bikers

The Gantrisch Panoramic Trail is one of the favourites among hikers. During the 4 ½-hour hike, the Panoramic Trail spoils hikers with spectacular views onto the Stockhorn Range, the Napf as well as the Schwarzsee. The Nature Park also offers a wide range of routes for mountain bikers: from flat to steep, from side roads for beginners to action-packed single trails, along rivers or through various forest areas. The rope park in Längeney-Wald guarantees action in lofty heights.


Discover flora and fauna

You can observe beavers, snow hares, chamoises, weasels as well as rare species, such as the lesser horseshoe bat, the cochlicopa nitens, the violet copper or the cranberry fritillary.


Spoiled for choice, even in winter

Sagenroute Bern

Legendary Bern

Travelling by e-bike out of the city on the Gantrisch Legends Route.