Ligerzer Kirche, Biel

Lake Biel

Lake Biel offers a glimpse of the past: Lake-dwellings from the Neolithic Age can still be seen at its shore. However, there is so much more to discover – whether by foot or by boat.

The surroundings of Lake Biel hold numerous scenic and historical hotspots. There are vineyards on sun-exposed hills, the picturesque city of Biel/Bienne, charming towns such as Le Landeron or Erlach, lake-dwellings as well as one of the most important wetlands in Switzerland. Rare birds have their nests in reed-beds along the shoreline or stop here on their way to their winter grounds. The easiest way to admire the lake and its multi-faceted surroundings is either on a stand-up paddle or a cruise. The Lake Biel Navigation Company offers special theme tours for every taste. There is a broad range of tours guests can choose from such as the Fajita Evening, the SeeSound Festival, the Fireworks Tour or the Tanznacht40. The “Canal-3” boat of the Swiss radio channel 3 offers entertainment for the whole family with clowns, live music and concerts for children. The “Detective Cruise” entertains families with quizzes and puzzles. Those who solve the puzzle might even find a treasure.


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