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St. Peter’s Island

Its history goes back a long way: in 1107, the Order of Cluny was given the island as a gift; 20 years later, a monastery was built on it.

Today, the monastery welcomes visitors to St. Peter’s Island as a restaurant and hotel. The island promises peace and relaxation for the whole family and a free ride for cyclists. Besides the former monastery, it is occupied by a single farm and about 20 holiday homes. Hikers are enchanted by the local plant life as they tour the island. In fine weather, there’s nothing to stop them visiting the mainland along the “Heidenweg” path.


Local quality

Despite its modest size, St. Peter’s Island treats guests to some real delicacies. Freshly caught fish from the lake, wine from the local vineyards and fine beef from the farm combine regional heritage and delicious cuisine. Looking over Lake Biel from the Riedmatt hill, visitors will understand why Jean-Jacques Rousseau was so inspired by the island back in the 18th century. As the Genevan philosopher himself said, his stay on the island was the happiest time of his life. By the way, fans of Rousseau can still visit the room where he lodged in the autumn of 1765.


The gateway to the island