Seilpark Bern, Dählhölzli

High rope parks

In the Region of Bern, visitors can become real acrobats. Their skills will be tested to the limit as the swing from one liana to another at dizzying heights in the various rope parks.
Seilpark Interlaken, Interlaken

Surrounded by mountains and untouched nature, the Adventure Park Interlaken guarantees plentiful adrenaline rushes and fun. Nine circuits with different levels of difficulty and over 120 obstacles offer the whole family an unforgettable experience.

Adventure Park Interlaken
Seilpark Bern, Dählhölzli

Discover nature, thrills and adventure on seven rope circuits in Bern's Dählhölzli Forest that all add up to 3,000 metres of engaging fun. In addition to the longer routes which range from 4 to 23 metres in height, there are three children's routes for little adventurers.

Ropetech Adventure Park Bern
Indoor Seilpark, Grindelwald

The first indoor rope park in Switzerland remains a unique experience – whatever the weather. Huge icicles, suspended haul bags and various obstacles serve to simulate climbing the Eiger. Your entry in the summit book will mark the crowning conclusion to this adventure.

Indoor Rope Park Grindelwald

Forest Jump Rope Park

Les Prés-d’Orvin
Forest Jump, Les Prés-d’Orvin

Boundless fun and exciting activities await you in the Forest Jump Rope Park in Les Prés-d'Orvin in the Bernese Jura. In addition to the park's various rope circuits and levels of difficulty, there is also an archery forest trail with 16 targets and an archery range.

Forest Jump Rope Park
Seilpark Zweisimmen, Lenk

The Obersimmental's mighty trees serve as supports for the five circuits in the High Rope Park Zweisimmen. Various elements including rope ladders, zip lines and daring leaps await you as you make your way around the difficulty-graded circuits.

High Rope Park Zweisimmen
Adventure Park Adelboden, Adelboden

Swing through the air like Tarzan, place some delicious food on one of the barbecues or explore the riverbed at your own pace. The spectacular and paradisiacal never fail to accompany one another in the Adventure Park.

Adventure Park Adelboden