The Sahlenweidli Experience

Immerse yourself in a long-forgotten time when running water and electricity were not a matter of course in the Emmental.

High above Eggiwil, in the time-honoured Sahlenweidli – which is best known from the SRF TV soap – you can enjoy delicious dishes from yesteryear, prepared on the wood cooker. Whether a fine pork sausage, which is fetched directly from the kitchen smoke, a “Suure Mockä” or a “Gnagi”: You choose your menu yourself on the spot in the Sahlenweidli. Indulge in nostalgia and enjoy this culinary experience with an overnight stay.


The offer

  • 10% discount on an overnight stay in a classic room at Hotel Hirschen Eggiwil (excl. dinner)
  • Free shuttle (there and back) to the Sahlenweidli
  • “Hasäbausam” (Farewell drink)