The Canton of Bern makes for great cinema

From an exclusive cinema auditorium to the inspiring atmosphere at the Lichtspiel Cinematheque as well as original backdrops and shooting locations – here it’s all about movies and the silver screen. Your next team event is a guaranteed box office hit!
Cinématte Kino Bern
© Cinématte Bern

‘Built by the water’s edge’ is an expression that’s taken literally, down at the Cinématte. The stylish cinema auditorium is located right next to the Aare river and regularly screens studio and art-house productions as well as reprises and heart-warming movie classics. The Mattequartier is arguably Bern’s cosiest quarter and the perfect destination for your team event. Here, a hundred steps below all the hustle and bustle, the soothing sound of the river quells the noise of the city. The evening kicks off at the Cinématte Bar with a Schnouserli and a drink of exclusively national origin. Next, in the restaurant, your group will be served a delicious ‘Mahl-Zeit’ meal with, depending on the evening, a surprise three-course meal. Perfectly timed so no one misses the opening credits in the auditorium next door.

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© Lichtspiel Bern

The Lichtspiel Cinematheque is located right next to the Dampfzentrale in Bern's Marzili quarter, just steps from the gently flowing waters of the Aare river. Designed as a ‘movie museum’ from the outset, the auditorium is both an exhibition area and projection room – with props, projectors and all sorts of other paraphernalia from the world of moving pictures. And if someone in your team is raving on about a particular film or threatening a Groundhog Day-like routine, you can request the film of your choice from the Lichtspiel. The team will then delve into the 25,000-film archive and, if you so wish, compile a supporting programme complete with commercials and clips tailored specifically to your company. The Cinematheque can also offer drinks at the in-house bar and to spoil your guests with a catering service, if required.

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© Kino Thun AG

How about treating your team with the latest blockbuster or giving them some inspiration for an upcoming project with a classic movie? Not to mention surprising them with a 3-course culinary menu? Well, at the popular "Ciné & Dîner" staged at the Rex cinema on Aarestrasse in Thun, it can all be perfectly combined. Screen 5 at the cinema has been specially furnished with upholstered seats and small tables to provide the perfect setting for these movie experiences. The Rex is even ideally equipped if you’re planning a group event or workshop. Kick off your event on the big screen with a supporting film for example, and end it with a movie of your own choice selected from the film archive. On the culinary front, virtually everything is doable, from a simple aperitif to a full menu.

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© Schilthornbahn AG

The Schilthorn-Piz Gloria has certainly got the hang of it! Firstly, the revolving restaurant completes a full circle around its own axis every 45 minutes, providing a fascinating all-round view of the magnificent mountain panorama. Secondly, the Schilthorn became world-famous in the late 1960s as the location for the Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Where arch-villain Blofeld once hatched his evil plans, you can now book the 360-degree restaurant for evening events with your team. The legendary location can be designed in accordance with your ideas, either for a perspective on new ideas or a cosy culinary finale after a full day with a supporting programme to match. In any case, a visit to Bond World, the interactive exhibition about the film, is must-see.

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© MangoGstaad

Several films that are very well-known in India were shot in Gstaad itself and its surroundings. Bollywood productions are extremely popular and, with their romantic plot lines, blend wonderfully into the landscapes around Gstaad, Saanen, Rougement and Lauenen. Favourite filming locations include the airfield bridge at Saanen, the promenade in Gstaad, the Zweisimmen railway station, and Glacier 3000. As part of a team outing, starting perhaps with breakfast at Mango’s, a traditional Indian restaurant, the Indian movie world can be ideally combined with a tour through the picturesquely beautiful region of the Bernese Oberland. Just like in the iconic films themselves, heart-warming stories and Bollywood specialities await you and your team at each of the filming locations.

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© Jungfrau Region Tourismus

Are you into thrillers? Do you and your team need investigative skills to be able to decipher your boss’s handwritten notes? Or do you simply enjoy visiting the inspirational locations of legendary films? Even if you only answered ‘yes’ to one of these questions, the Jungfrau Region is the perfect starting point for a team outing. On a tour of Meiringen for example you’ll have the opportunity to solve the first criminal case – entirely in the style of Sherlock Holmes. After all, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle drew his inspiration for the legendary detective’s last ever story while taking in the Reichenbach Falls. J.R.R. Tolkien was similarly impressed when hiking through the Lauterbrunnen valley as a 19-year-old in 1911. He was most taken with the steep cliff faces. Indeed, the region’s landscape features time and again in his drafts for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The local mountains have also been an inspiration for films such as Star Wars and Harry Potter. High time then (literally) to take a closer look at the Jungfrau Region.

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