Team cooking
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Chillfood - Fire-cooking in unusual places

A fun experience in an unusual place. As a small team of 6 people or as a large group of 200 participants, cooking over a flame is always a very special kind of fun that involves everyone.

Easy to arrange, your "chillfood" event turns into an authentic adventure with a simple menu. Your "out of the box" kitchen is set up in such unusual places as a quarry, industrial hall, river bank or Alpine hut. All without electricity, and with just embers, togetherness and tasty regional ingredients, use this experience to remind your team that in the long term, less is often more. The ingredients you use are also extraordinary. Many are rare, but some are just simple delicacies from the neighborhood farmer.This fire-cooking adventure in the most unusual settings is a fun activity that helps you slow down and grow closer together as a team.