Töfflibuebe Emmental
© Töfflibuebe im Emmental

Motocycling through the Emmental

Ride together in the countryside: With clattering engines and plenty of wind in your face, you and your group of up to 45 people can go merrily chugging your way through the Emmental.

On side-roads with little traffic and picturesque views, you can enjoy – as in the good old days – the romance and the moments of shared experience. On the way, you may choose to visit an inn or stock up on homemade treats at a farm shop. A delightfully sweet scent will also lead you on to the Kambly factory shop, where you can sample over a hundred varieties of Guetzli biscuits. With this ride as a day trip or evening event with after-work beer, you will not be left behind along the way.