Klosterhotel, St. Petersinsel
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Far removed from the restless hustle and bustle of working life, the Klosterhotel on St. Peter’s Island on Lake Biel is ideal for business meetings. Such is the tranquillity and the natural setting that business executives are able to let their thoughts flow, inspiring new ideas.

St. Peter’s Island is indeed a stimulating setting, secluded and traffic-free, and surrounded solely by the grace and beauty of Lake Biel and its protected natural environment. It was here that the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau once spent the ‘happiest time’ of his life. Right at the front of the island is the historical Klosterhotel with its outstanding cuisine prepared using local ingredients – an ideal location for retreats, business meetings and further training seminars. The atmosphere on these historical premises and the peace and quiet are ideally suited for concentrated work and strategic thinking aimed at finding creative and visionary ideas.

© Klosterhotel
© Sandra Blaser
© Sandra Blaser


Name Area m² Concert Seminar Banquet (long tables)
Klosterkeller 64 20 43
Vordere Seestube 46 20 43 35
Gotischer Saal 38 16
Fasskeller 37 16
Hintere Seestube 30 12 10 22