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Reichenbach Falls

At 120 metres, the Reichenbach Falls south of Meiringen are truly stunning, and easy to reach thanks to the nostalgic Reichenbach Funicular. Three observation terraces near the upper terminus offer breathtaking views of the falls.

As a prominent landmark, the Reichenbach Falls served as orientation for the intrepid engineers that laid the rails of the goods funicular in 1899. Today, the nostalgic cable railway with its replica 24-seat wooden carriage ascends the mountain eye to eye with the wild alpine stream and the mighty, 120-metre Reichenbach Falls. Once at the top, three observation terraces offer breathtaking views of the falls and the Haslital.

We recommend visiting the Reichenbach Falls between the beginning of May and the beginning of October. In winter, the Reichenbach carries very little or no water.


In the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes

The Reichenbach Falls achieved international fame when Arthur Conan Doyle included them as a setting in the Sherlock Holmes story "The Final Problem". It is here that the famous detective confronts his archenemy Moriarty. The violent struggle between the two men ends with them plunging into the depths of the falls.