Staubbach Falls

Visitors gaze in fascination as the Staubbach Falls cascade into the valley. The waterfall takes its name from the dust-like droplets of water that spray in all directions.

Standing 297 metres high, the waterfall can be reached in summer via the Staubbach Gallery, a balcony embedded in the cliffs. From the foot of the Staubbach Falls, a ten-minute climb leads to the Staubbachhubel, which runs behind the waterfall via a tunnel and up some steps. A visit to the foot of the falls is worthwhile all year round, though: depending on the daylight and season, the experience is always different. But Lauterbrunnen’s landmark, first measured in the 18th century, is not just famous for its appearance. The waterfall is also one of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s inspirations. In 1779, he immortalised the Staubbach Falls in his poem, “Song of the spirits over the waters”.


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