Gleitschirmfliegen – Ferienregion Interlaken


Unique moments and perspectives above the clouds: as paragliders float through the mountains, the forests and villages sprawl like tiny Lego landscapes down below.

Visitors to Lenk can discover the Simmental valley from above. Depending on the time and weather conditions, the Betelberg, Seewlenalp or Gibel are ideal starting points. Night owls can look forward to a special experience in the region: a chance to take to the skies under a full moon. In Kandersteg, paragliders enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the “Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch” UNESCO World Heritage site.


Experience the fascination of flight

In the Jura & Three-Lakes region, groups or pairs set off from Graitery, Raimeux and Montagne de Moutier to survey the regional park from the Chasseral flying area. In the Bernese Oberland, flyers can take to the skies accompanied by professionals from the Swiss Paragliding organisation. Those who can’t get enough will find plenty of options for paragliding and hang-gliding in Interlaken. There are fascinating glides from the First to Grindelwald, or from Beatenberg to Interlaken against the backdrop of the Jungfrau massif.


Flights in all four seasons

Those who spread their wings and take off in Gstaad can enjoy the view at any time of year. The colourful foliage in autumn, the snow cover in winter and the far-reaching view in spring and summer make for an exceptional gliding experience. All in all, visitors to the region spend between ten and 60 minutes floating above the Bernese Oberland, reaching heights of up to 1,600 metres.