Destination Gstaad and Lenk-Simmental

Autumn in and around the Destination Gstaad and the Lenk-Simmental Region never fails to delight with its alpine charm and authenticity. The picturesque colourful meadows against mountain tops with a dusting of snow in the background offer a splendid holiday scenery for biking enthusiasts, hikers and connoisseurs of the good life to enjoy.

Day 1

Lauenen: Hiking to the Lake Lauenen


Day 2

Lenk: AlpKultur® days in Lenk


Day 3

Simmental/Saanenland: An e-bike tour among Switzerland’s prettiest dairy cows


Culinary tip

Gstaad: Fondueland Gstaad


Accommodation tip

Lenk: Bed & Breakfast at the Bühlberg