Belle Epoque, Kandersteg
© Remo Nägeli

Belle Époque Kandersteg

Last week in January

Back to the past – for one whole week. Every year in winter, the Belle Époque returns to Kandersteg. Authentic events and atmosphere transport the visitors back in time.

You know when the Belle Époque has returned to Kandersteg. For one week, cars are suddenly replaced by horse-drawn carriages on the streets and people are wearing long, ruffled skirts, muffs and top hats. A splendid era is brought back to life in a winter setting, from the elegant afternoon tea directly to the sumptuous Belle Époque ball in Art Nouveau style, which is unparalleled in the region. Sports fans will also not be disappointed. Skiing and iceskating invite visitors and locals alike to try their skills – however, utilising authentic equipment from the olden days.


Raise the curtain for food and more from the good old days