Inferno-Rennen, Mürren

Inferno Race in Mürren

24 – 27 January 2024

In January, all hell breaks loose in the foothills of the Bernese Alps. That’s when the legendary Inferno Race, the biggest amateur race in alpine skiing, takes place from the Schilthorn to Lauterbrunnen via Mürren.

The international Inferno Race is, indeed, legendary. Every January, 1,850 skiers venture down the 14.9 km course. In fine weather it begins below the Schilthorn, continuing from there to Mürren and ending 1,990 metres lower down in Lauterbrunnen. The downhill run is not just hellishly steep, it also alternates flatter sections with a couple of ascents that require skating skills. On average, a proficient skier will usually cover the technically and physically challenging run in some 45 minutes, with the very best finishing in less than a quarter of an hour.


The world’s biggest amateur ski race