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Bern factory tours

These company tours will provide you with exciting insights into the activities of Bern-based companies. It's your opportunity to follow the entire production process on-site, from the raw material to the finished product.
Flyer AG, Huttwil

Feeling the wind in your hair and getting help for your legs: that's one way of describing a ride on an electric bike. The pioneer and Swiss market leader in this sector, FLYER AG (formerly Biketec) in Huttwil, has played an important role in the development of the e-bike since the early 1990s. How this expertise feeds into daily production is demonstrated on a fascinating guided tour of the factory. Another talking point is the photovoltaic system on the roof which directly powers the battery for your test ride on an e-bike.

Flyer Bikes
Rugenbräu AG, Matten

150 years of brewing tradition and beer culture in Interlaken: the 100% independent, family-owned Rugenbräu brewery doesn't just make traditional beers but also has a whisky, Swiss Crystal Gin and a selection of fine wines in its product range. The tour of the brewery and distillery takes visitors through all stages of production and finishes in the "Rugen Gnuss-Wält" bar. To round off the tour, visitors taste a beer or a whisky, discuss its merits and are awarded the Tapmaster diploma for pulling a pint themselves.


Vast volumes of water are converted into electric power. However, the process is not entirely straightforward, as visitors see on an impressive tour of the underground Innertkirchen 1 power station at the bottom of the Grimselwelt hydroelectric power complex. Tirelessly and unerringly, an ultra-modern regulating system controls the flow of energy that is obtained from hydroelectric power and fed into the Swiss electricity network. In addition to the guided tour, which is bound to be a memorable experience, visitors can also go on a thrilling ride along the railway tracks that were used by the power plant operator in the past.

Käse der Gstaader Alpen

Also called "alpine gold", the cheese that is made in the Gstaad Alps is matured very slowly, in the heart of the Saanenland. On the guided tour, local alpine farmers give an expert insight into the storage facility where the different kinds of alpine cheese are matured. The tour is the perfect choice for a wet-weather social activity – for groups of up to 35 people – and can be rounded off with a tasting session or an enjoyable aperitif. An excellent way of learning all about the conditions that are needed to produce Bern's tasty and mature cheeses.

Gold of the Alps
Cité du Temps, Biel

Time and having time for oneself has become an exclusive luxury. Understanding the importance of this precious resource, the "Cité du Temps" in Biel is dedicated entirely to time and watch-making. At "Planet Swatch", one of the two museums at Nicolas G. Hayek Street 2, visitors can explore the fun designs of Swatch watches through short films and fascinating artefacts. The "Omega Museum" presents a luxurious world of glittering exhibits and, with the help of interactive technology, takes visitors on a journey through time.

Cité du Temps
Tropenhaus Frutigen, Adelboden

The "Frutigen Tropical Greenhouse", which was a pioneer in the field of sustainable fish farming, has celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. On one of the fascinating guided tours of the fish farm, the tropical garden and in talks about the history of the tropical greenhouse, experts give visitors a peek behind the scenes at Tropenhausweg 1. After being given an exclusive and unusual insight into the work here and lots of background information about tangy caviar and sweet tropical fruits, you'll see nature in an entirely new light!

Frutigen Tropical Greenhouse