Langnau, Emmental


Idyllic hiking paths guide visitors to the Ilfis river and along its shores. At the lower course lies the town of Langnau; at 736 m above sea level, it is home to almost 10,000 inhabitants.

Langnau is particularly fond of its ice hockey club, the SCL Tigers. The club won its first, and so far, only championship title in 1976. Although some years have passed since, a visit to one of their matches is definitely worthwhile – whether you are an ice hockey fan or not. If you prefer to play an active role rather than watch others on the ice, you should hop on a bike and explore the region. Both the Langnau Biketour and the Emmental Herzroute allow cyclists and e-bikers to soak up the beauty of the region.


The land of Cheese

Langnau and its surrounding area feel like paradise for cheese lovers. On the Emmental Cheese Route or at one of the frequent tours in the cheese cellars, visitors can learn more about the manufacture and the taste of this regional delicacy. And if you ever wanted to find out more about the making of Kambly biscuits, a visit to Trubschachen should be on your to do list. The Kambly experience tour is another culinary highlight which you can enjoy while you are out on your bike.


Jam sessions and comic heroes


E-Bike paradise in the Emmental

With more than 450 kilometres of well-marked routes, there's plenty of choice for exploring the Emmental e-bike paradise.

E-Bike Tour, Emmental

Almost like in days gone by

Flour from the village mill, fresh butter from the cheese dairy, and a delicious biscuit that’s based on a recipe more than a century old: on the trail of the Kambly Bretzeli through Emmental on an e-bike, you’ll have the feeling of taking a trip back into the past.


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