Sidelhorn, Haslital

Jungfrau Region

The distinctive snow-capped peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are unmistakable and picturesque against the clear blue skies. The Jungfrau Region always delights with spectacular autumn landscapes, exciting hiking trails, and generous heart-felt hospitality.

Day 1

Mürren: Hiking along the foot of the Schilthorn


Day 2

Haslital: Circular hiking trail to the Sidelhorn


Day 3

Grindelwald: High life in a vibrant market

The annual Grindelwald Märt is held on the first Monday in October. Lots of colourful market stalls show off their wares as the appetising aromas of cooked food waft through the crisp autumn air. There’s something here for everyone, from hand-knitted woolly hats to brightly coloured toys and all sorts of bits and bobs. Feeling a bit peckish? Then why not treat yourself to a portion of suckling pig, a poke of hot chestnuts, or a crêpe at one of the many food stalls.


Culinary tip

Lauterbrunnen: Airtime Café


Accommodation tip

Hasliberg: Hotel Wetterhorn