Koexistenz zwischen Wandererin und Bikern in Gstaad, Destination Gstaad
© Yannick Romagnoli

Share the Trail

Many of the trails across the Bern Region are used by both hikers and cyclists. It’s important to be tolerant and mindful of each other. Below we provide information and a code of conduct for users of shared trails.

The Bern Region offers a wide variety of trails that are suitable for hikers and cyclists alike. Being respectful towards nature and other users is important when hiking and cycling on these paths. That’s why we ask you to adhere to certain rules, to prevent conflict and accidents. There’s plenty of room for everyone, as long as we treat each other with respect and consideration.


9 points of conduct for the coexistence of hikers and cyclists


Sharing brings happiness

Begegnung auf dem Weg

It's important that cycling and hiking can coexist on shared trails. We all have the right to be here, and we’re happier if we can meet each other with mutual respect, consideration and a friendly “Hello!”. 

Walkers have priority

Fussgänger haben Vortritt

As the slower path users, walkers should always have right of way. This prevents accidents.

Signal your presence in good time

Klingeln mit Abstand

By ringing the bell or calling out in good time, you can make other path users aware of your presence and prevent accidents.

Overtake slowly

Langsam mit dem Velo überholen

If you’re out on the bike, please overtake hikers at walking speed. If you’re hiking, make room for cyclists who are trying to overtake – provided it’s possible and sensible to do so – as they have an equal right to use the path.

Stay on the path

Den Weg nicht verlassen

Please stay on the path and don’t damage the surrounding environment by cycling off-track. Don’t block your wheels.

Close all gates behind you

Bitte Tore schliessen

Pass through grazing areas slowly and close all livestock fences and gates behind you. Please be respectful towards the animals.

Protect nature

Koexistenz zwischen Biker und der Tierwelt

Please treat wild animals and plants with respect and don't leave any litter behind.

Don't cycle across cultivated land

Nicht über Kulturland fahren

Please don’t take any shortcuts across cultivated land. It damages local farming.

Avoid danger spots

Wir meiden Gefahrenstellen

To prevent accidents, avoid danger spots or pass them with utmost care.