Kraftwerksführung, Haslital Jungfrau Region
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Sustainable fringe events

Ideal climate in your team: These team events not only offer unique experiences, but are also in touch with nature.
Swiss Alpine Herbs, Därstetten

What do the Simmental and the Mediterranean have in common? Gorgeous-smelling herbs. The Simmental benefits from an exceptionally sunny micro-climate, making it ideal for cultivating herbs, which are then used to create finest herbal salts, cordials and teas. Available all year round, the guided tour around the production site of Swiss Alpine Herbs in Därstetten will provide your team with engaging insight into what is required to ensure the herbs meet the highest culinary expectations.

Swiss Alpine Herbs
Kraftwerksführung, Grimselwelt Jungfrau Region
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Up and down, bright and fairly dark, out and about on foot and under ground – a guided tour through the Oberhasli hydro power station at the eastern tip of the Bernese Oberland has it all. Tucked away in the Haslital, the site produces power for around one million households and offers a fascinating insight into the world of hydro power and the underground complex that makes it all possible.

Guided tour of the hydro power station
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Waste not, want not: food waste is a global issue which people are becoming increasingly aware of. The culinary events offered by the "" zero waste kitchen in Bern show participants what we can do in our own kitchen to make good use of scraps and leftovers. The highly instructive workshops provide a wide range of tips on how to go easy on your budget and nature's resources. It's all about learning and enjoying food together, with lasting benefits for all attendees.

Zero waste kitchen
UNESCO-Altstadtbummel, Bern

Bern’s Münster Cathedral, the Zytglogge (Clock Tower) and many more beautiful locations and buildings can all be found in the Old Town of Switzerland's federal city. But this UNESCO World Heritage Site has lots more to offer than postcard idyll and romantic history – which will become evident if you join one of the Old Town tours. The leisurely but fascinating guided tours provide lots of facts about the city's 800-year history, interspersed with many amusing anecdotes.

Stroll through the Old Town
Mobicat, Bielersee
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33 metres long and nearly 12 metres wide: MobiCat, a solar-powered motor vessel that travels the waters of Lake Biel, is the winner of the 2019 Swiss solar award. The solar catamaran generates all the power it needs, and even feeds surplus energy into Biel's electric grid. This makes is the perfect location for a climate-friendly team event on the lake, especially as it comes equipped with its own music and microphone system, beamer and screen.



Old town of Biel
Nourritour, Biel
© Stefan Weber

Best described as a ramble with delicious stop-offs, the "nourritour" culinary walk through Biel’s historic centre is a real gem. Stroll along picturesque alleys and delight in seven culinary stops, both sweet and savoury. During your ramble, you will sample regional and home-made specialities and learn fascinating facts about the producers and their products.

Ballenberg, Freilichtmuseum der Schweiz, Hofstetten b. Brienz
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Woodwork, baking and cheese making – visitors can engage with these and many other long-forgotten crafts during a Ballenberg all-round experience. The site is easy to reach by bus, train or boat and offers themed guided tours for groups. After taking a look into the kitchens and parlours of the historic buildings, participants can try their own hand during one of the craft workshops.

Ballenberg Swiss Open-Air Museum