Giessbachfälle, Brienz


The masses of water that thunder down steep rocks will amaze anyone who hikes through the Bernese Oberland. The Lauterbrunnen valley alone has 72 waterfalls to admire.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that many artists are inspired by the waterfalls of the Bernese Oberland. Arthur Conan Doyle used the Reichenbach Falls as the setting for Sherlock Holmes’ death. Goethe wrote the poem “Song of the Spirits over the Water” in honour of the Staubbach Falls. And the Lauterbrunnen valley with its 72 waterfalls served J.R.R. Tolkien as an inspiration for the Elven town of Rivendell in his novel “The Lord of the Rings”.


True treasures of nature

The Giessbach Falls are a real gem of the Bernese Oberland. They cascade down in several stages from a height of 500 m. A visit to the Iffig Falls is equally worthwhile. The waterfall is located in the nature reserve Gelten-Iffigen and forms an invigorating ion bath in the river basin. The Siebenbrunnen waterfall has a similar reputation: it is a renowned source of power which gathers seven springs in its water masses. The Barbarabrücke (Barbara Bridge) offers a particular good view onto the waterfall.


A journey to the centre of the mountain

It is a unique experience to step into the core of a mountain and to witness the power of water. The Trümmelbach Falls force their way through the rocks with up to 20,000 litres of water per second and thus create an impressive atmosphere. The Engstligen Falls, which are either accessible on foot along vertical rock faces or via a cable car, give visitors a rush of adrenaline. With a bit of courage and a mountain guide, visitors can climb directly beside the waterfall.