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Raising awareness, preserving, supporting. What sounds like an extract from an outmoded policy is now more relevant than ever and sustainable event planning is becoming increasingly important. That’s why we are pleased to assist you with our climate-friendly recommendations.

Small steps offer big results

Fortunately, in the Region of Bern opportunities for a climate-friendly seminar, conference or meeting are never far away. Numerous locations offer true sustainability and are pioneers in the responsible use of valuable resources. This ecological philosophy is demonstrated in many ways, including guest cards that provide free public transport, charging stations for electrical vehicles, comprehensive recycling concepts and targeted food waste strategies. And thanks to the approved Swisstainable certification system provided by Switzerland Tourism, you know that these aren't just empty claims. The Swisstainable label guarantees sustainable operation, long-term protection and conscious use of regional resources.

Berghaus Niesen Kulm

Sustainable locations

These Bernese congress, seminar and event venues are committed to sustainability. They offer innovative solutions for a greener future and focus on climate-friendly and sustainable offerings.

Kraftwerksführung, Haslital Jungfrau Region

Sustainable fringe events

Ideal climate in your team: These team events not only offer unique experiences, but are also in touch with nature.

Gadmental, Jungfrau Region
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Sustainability in the Region of Bern

Travelling sustainably is all about environmental awareness, but there’s a lot more to it than you might think. There are many ways in which you can make your journey across the Region of Bern more sustainable. From staying a bit longer and using public transport to consuming local produce, there’s no shortage of options. And many Bernese companies are participating in the ecological tourism programme Swisstainable.